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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Customs broker registration

Instructions and Help about Customs broker registration

Greetings my name is Brenda I am part owner of our alliance logistics LLC it's logistics LLC is a third party logistics company so in a freight brokerage and I will start by saying that I am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the freight brokerage business absolutely provides an opportunity for those that are committed dedicated and willing to sacrifice there's absolutely an opportunity there to build a freight brokerage or third party logistics company into a multi-million dollar business I'm convinced of that I've only been in the business eight months now and I've been able to clearly identify that possibility for certain so I definitely wanted to say that up front for those of you that have any ideas any thoughts of the type of revenue this type of business can potentially produce I would just say that there it there it really isn't a silly that's going to be totally up to you the business owner and how committed you are how much you're willing to invest into building what it is that you want to build so with that said we've been in the business now for eight months and we kind of wanted to just share our journey if you will share our journey and some of the hard knocks some of the things that we wouldn't would do some things that we wouldn't do again but when it really boils down to it it's just we want to just kind of share our journey and what we've had - you know what go through thus far and hopefully in our experience you'll find something that may benefit you in your business and hopefully that maybe you can share something with us that will help us in our business you know we than in two interdependent world and of course we're all dependent on each other to continue to strive to be the best that we can be in business in life or whatever venture you may be indulging in so wanted to kind of tell you how we got started simply my business partner started to talk to me about the free brokerage business he asked me to take a look at the numbers of the business and the potential of the business and after some time of studying and trying to understand more about freight brokerage we decided that it was something that we wanted to do for certain so we wanted to figure out what was the best way to get started and after doing some research we realized that first of all you have to have someone to teach you someone to train you in regards to how to operate what are the do's and don'ts of the free broke operation and what are some things that are legal or the things that are illegal so just understanding the business I understand in a Howard training came through a freight broker a freight.


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